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A fic that I wrote (New Order slash) - pills & thrills & lollerskates [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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A fic that I wrote (New Order slash) [Aug. 5th, 2008|11:08 pm]
pills & thrills & lollerskates


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The pairing is Bernard (New Order) and Phil (New Order). 
Title: Is guilt really so useless?

It had been a busy day for the band, and Bernard was just relaxing in the dressing room, getting ready to clean up and leave the concert venue in a few hours. The other members were simply exploring the city, perhaps shopping for souvenirs or something to give to their friends. Yet, there was one other member that hadn't left yet. Phil suddenly came into the dressing room, with a shy smile on his face. 'Hi, Bernard,' he called out to him. 'Oh, Phil,' Bernard replied, with his hand waving towards his direction. 'Why aren't you hanging round town with the other guys?' he asked, although he thought he knew the answer to that without even asking him. 
'I just wanted to be with you, Bernard.'
Phil sat down on the sofa, and looked round the dressing room. He saw that Bernard had a glass of red wine on the table, and asked him if there was any more.
'Well, I'd love to serve you some, but that's the last glass they could give us. If you'd like, you could take a sip from my glass,' Bernard replied, hoping that Phil would sip the wine from his glass.
Phil then took the glass from the table, and took a sip of the wine. Even something as trivial as sharing a glass of wine seemed romantic, despite the fact that the dressing room wasn't exactly a romantic setting. He had already noticed when he first met Bernard while he was still a session musician, that the normally shy Bernard became a bit more amiable when drunk. However, Phil himself also felt that way---alcohol was a bit of a social lubricant, that made him sometimes be open about things that he usually would be shy to admit to. 'Phil, you seem to add an extra spark to the band's performance---that's not because you're younger than me; it's just you seem to enjoy yourself so much on stage,' Bernard smiled warmly at the younger man.
Phil blushed, and replied, 'It is fun going on stage and playing music with you and the rest...and you enjoy yourself on stage, don't you?'
'Well, yeah,' Bernard told him. 
'I can't stop looking at you when you come near me on stage, though,' Phil giggled, as he set the wine glass on another table to be cleaned up by the staff of the concert venue.
'Do you think the other members have noticed that?' Bernard laughed, while toying with Phil's hair. 
'I don't know...even if they noticed, I don't think they'll think too deeply about the matter,' Phil answered, his heart racing as he stared into Bernard's eyes. He noticed his long, lush eyelashes, and thought they were gorgeous. Phil suddenly wanted to kiss him, and before he acted upon his instincts, he kissed Bernard's earlobe, and whispered, 'I love you,' into his ear.
Bernard giggled boyishly, and replied, 'Phil, you know I love you too.'
Phil leant over, and pressed his lips against Bernard's. He was startled by the sudden kiss, but also began to enjoy the sensation of their lips together. While kissing, Bernard's hand reached underneath Phil's shirt, and he started to fondle his nipples. Phil was delighted at the somewhat more assertive Bernard...unless he was drunk, he wouldn't be this enthusiastic. He noticed that his own cock was becoming hard by the second, and decided to turn the tables round, and let his fingers tickle Bernard's thighs. The older man felt shivers down his spine as the waves of pleasure were hitting him, and smiled at the younger man, panting, 'I'll let you wank my cock off if you let me wank you off.'
Phil nodded, as he just wanted the bulge in his jeans to be relieved. As Bernard started to take off Phil's jeans and underpants, Phil could feel himself yearn for something more pleasurable. While this was taking place, he also took notice of Bernard's hard cock as well, and his hands reached out to take his jeans off as well.
Bernard started sliding his fingers up and down the shaft, his fingers firmly gripping it and tickling it. It felt much better than wanking off by himself. Phil wondered why that was the case. Perhaps that it was Bernard who was wanking him off made him turned on more than usual? Phil, while still trembling in pleasure, started wanking off Bernard's hardness. He started from the base, and worked his way up to the tip, while his fingertips gently caressed the tip of it, and moved back down. Both of them let out sensual moans...maybe they shouldn't have been doing this in the dressing room, but at least for the moment, they didn't care.
Meanwhile, the other members, notably their bassist, had just returned from his shopping and started to head to the dressing room in the building. The door was slightly left open, and he couldn't believe what he saw from the narrow opening. It was Bernard and Phil, half naked, wanking each other off! 
The bassist held his breath, as he didn't want to be heard. He then slowly took out his mobile phone, and cautiously walked away from the scene of the apparent madness, and quietly hurried outside the building. He began to call their drummer, to tell him about the unbelievable sight that he just saw.
Oblivious to the fact that someone, in fact, their bandmate had seen them like this, both of them continued to wank each other off until they both came at the same timing. 'I hope the walls are soundproofed,' moaned Bernard, as he moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Phil also came, and let out erotic moans of ecstasy, as he reached his climax as well.
Their extended days of touring didn't let them relieve their sexual needs, but this was the first time they'd both done anything beyond kissing and hugging. Maybe they could explore each other's bodies more extensively some other time, but this was good enough for the time being. 
Bernard then started to clean up the sofa, which was dirtied by their cum.
Phil smiled at Bernard, and told him, 'Thanks for that. I enjoyed it a lot. I hadn't came in a while, so I spurted out a lot of cum, didn't I?'
'Yeah, but I did too, so don't worry,' replied Bernard.
     Minutes later, they heard their bass player knock on the door, and Bernard nearly shouted, 'Come in!'
The gruffier man stormed in the dressing room, without saying a word, and grabbed his luggage. He then turned round to both Bernard and Phil, and told them dryly, 'I'm fucking disturbed by what I saw...now I fucking know why you wanted Phil in the band. And as for you Phil, I didn't fucking know you were Bernard's groupie.'
'Wait a second! You fucking saw us? How the hell could you have seen us?' Bernard shouted defensively.
'The door was slightly open, you daft sods. I didn't think I'd have to tour with two gay men wanking each other off,' replied the bassist.
'I didn't know you were homophobic like this,' Phil interrupted. 
'Shut up, young lad.'
The bassist then stormed out the dressing room, shaking his head in disgust. 
'What have we done?' Phil asked Bernard, with a worried expression on his face.
'We've done nothing wrong. He's just being a cunt about this.'
Their drummer came into the dressing room, with an awkward, yet polite expression.
'Oh, I suppose you know something, don't you?' Bernard asked anxiously.
'I heard it from our bassist. He seemed furious, but I'm not offended,' replied the drummer with his usual calmness.
'Then you don't care about what we were doing?' Phil asked curiously.
The drummer shook his head. 'No...I sort of had a feeling you two were in love with each other, but I didn't know you were sexually intimate.'
'I guess now we are,' answered Bernard.
The drummer helped Bernard and Phil with their luggage, and winked at them.
'Don't mind what the bassist says...I absolutely support your relationship.'
'But I feel slightly guilty about it,' replied Phil.
'Don't feel guilty about it. We did what we thought was right. It felt good and we enjoyed the experience. I might have felt more guilty if I was sober, but that's not the case,' assured Bernard warmly.
'Come on, let's go back to the hotel. Hopefully the bassist can sort himself out and stop the homophobic shit,' the drummer amiably told the two.